Pronounced "G. Co" [d͡ʒˈi:kˈo͡ʊ]

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Fox Form

Dragon Form

Wolf (feral) form


Survivalist - Marksman - Operative (Intelligence Director of Gzilo Enterprises LLC) - Engineer - PilotPronunciation: "G. Co" [d͡ʒˈi:kˈo͡ʊ]Species: Vulpera (fox)Sex: MaleHeight: 5 feet (153 centimeters)Pronouns: He/Him/HisNicknames: Gzi - Gizzy - GiGi - Nut JobMotto: "Who? What? When? Where? Why?"
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In the realm of Vulperan aesthetics, Gzico stands out as a striking exemplar of handsomeness; his youthful countenance, reminiscent of a cunning wolf, serves as an undeniable asset in the myriad situations this audacious fox finds himself entangled within.His fur boasts an ashen-red palette, adorned with darker speckles that adorn his shoulders, arms, ears, and visage. A harmonious contrast is introduced at the core, where a tan-tinged cream hue gracefully emerges and stretches downward, culminating just beneath his neck's elegant curve. The texture of Gzico's fur is luxuriously soft, often resisting the confines of grooming and echoing the untamed essence that defines his wild and rugged persona.Gzico's vivid sunfire yellow eyes are the windows to a spirit characterized by curiosity and a confident allure. Standing at a resolute five feet (153 centimeters) tall, he possesses a stature that exudes both confidence and a touch of defiance. His presence is further accentuated by a set of double canine teeth, hinting at the primal essence that courses through his being.Gzico's wardrobe is a vibrant canvas of diversity, an assortment of armors each sporting distinct colors and styles. With a penchant for variability, he might unveil his bare torso on one occasion and on the next, be cloaked in intricately woven, magically enchanted runes that dance with ethereal light. The choices that shape his fashion are undoubtedly unique, even idiosyncratic, yet they consistently harmonize with his persona, amplifying his allure rather than detracting from it.


Gzico embodies a captivating blend of traits—cocky and snarky, yet playful and at times even aggressively self-assured. His demeanor carries a touch of conceit, though thoughtfully restrained. His insatiable curiosity is a defining trait, an unquenchable thirst that propels him into the heart of any matter. As a survivalist, his confidence in his expertise remains unshakable.In the realm of social interactions, Gzico treads an intriguing line. Beneath his friendly exterior lies a distinct detachment from conventional social cues, shared norms, and established etiquettes. His intentions aren't rooted in ignorance; rather, the years spent in solitude have naturally molded this facet of his character.Despite his earnest attempts, Gzico's forays into societal engagement can sometimes emanate an endearing awkwardness, a lingering result of his struggle to synchronize with the rhythms of human interaction. Fortuitously, a circle of friends, and even his mate, provide invaluable guidance, steering him toward a more harmonious alignment with societal norms.Yet, amid this ongoing evolution, the essence of the untamed fox within Gzico remains resolute and unyielding. No matter the degree of assimilation, the core of his being—feral, spirited, and inherently Gizzy—remains unwavering, a testament to the unwavering authenticity that defines him. Indeed, he is, in his simplest essence, exactly who he is meant to be.Simple as!

History & Skills

Hailing from the arid lands of Vol'dun, Gzico entered the world under the guidance of skilled marksmen—his parents. They meticulously imparted the nuances of precision in aiming and the essentials of wilderness survival. Little did anyone know, however, that even this comprehensive training would prove insufficient in preparing Gzico for the impending tragedy.The tranquil desert existence was shattered when a sudden Sethrak raid descended upon their caravan, plunging everything into pandemonium. Amidst the chaos, Gzico tragically lost both of his parents, the very mentors who had nurtured his burgeoning talents. The merciless assault left the once-promising red fox adolescent bereft and orphaned, his world forever altered.Gzico fled the scene, his heart heavy with grief, casting a final glance from a distance that revealed the utter devastation that had befallen their once-thriving caravan. This marked the inception of his solitary journey, as he navigated the precarious path from adolescence to adulthood. Each day became a relentless struggle for survival, a battle to secure his footing amidst the unforgiving dunes. The teachings instilled by his parents emerged as his guiding light, enabling him to adapt, learn, and evolve into a consummate survivalist.Gzico's innate proficiency in marksmanship remained unparalleled, his prowess unmatched, and his determination to push beyond his limits unwavering. Amidst the shadows of sorrow, Gzico meticulously forged himself into an exemplar of survival. His expertise spanned a myriad of disciplines, encompassing mastery over firearms, adeptness in close-quarter combat, and the finesse of stealth maneuvers.

Alternative Form (Dragon, Alternate Universe)



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